Vircheck specialises in Advanced Voice Stress Analysis through the AVSA PRO system conducted by thoroughly trained professionals. AVSA PRO is one of the most advanced Voice Polygraph systems worldwide. We approach verification and background screening from a risk management perspective because it is not about finding out all you can about an individual or entity you are doing business with, it is about finding out useful and relevant information to make better decisions. Fundamentally, we strive to ensure that the information we provide you is actionable without adding unwanted risk. The bottom line is this: Performing verification incorrectly may actually increase your risk more than not doing it at all.

At Vircheck we understand the compliance environment surrounding verification checks and work to strike a balance between your risk tolerance, compliance issues, and your informational needs. We offer a service that can minimise your risk and give you the power to manage your risk. We offer advanced voice polygraph and verification services conducted by trained AVSA PRO technicians that can be carried out within 24 hours of the appointment made. These tests are very mobile, non-invasive and accurate.

Using a combination of VSA and a standardized questioning processes, an expert can obtain the results of stress detection associated with criminal activities or deception. Voice Stress Analysis works by measuring involuntary voice frequency changes that would indicate a high level of stress, as occurs when someone is being deceptive. Muscles in the voice box tighten or loosen, which changes the sound of the voice, and that is what the VSA technology registers.

AVSA PRO technology uses proprietary methods to process the vocal input, typically yes or no responses to direct questions. Vocal input is analysed and responses are identified where stress is either present or absent and graphical output is provided for each yes or no response.